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Travis Doughty

Front End Developer

Hey there, I'm a Front End Developer with a background in Graphic Design, living and working in Toronto, Canada. I thoroughly enjoy creating bits and pieces of the web using HTML, CSS and a touch of Javascript.

a few things I've had the pleasure
to be apart of
side note: I did not design these

Ariad Communications

This is my current employer's company website. A year or so ago we decided it was time to give our website a face lift and orchestrate a re-design. This is the result of a combined effort between the talented UX, Creative and Dev teams.
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This an image of the website home page layout.

TD Art

TD Art was an interesting build. The challenge was to incoporate a couple of new and modern layouts into an existing non-responsive website and responsify the old pages. First I ported over the website into a Bootstrap install and set out to build the new layouts. Once that was finished, I modified the existing pages and made them responsive. All while following TD's strict web standards.
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This an image of the website home page layout.


Working very collaboratively with a talented Designer at Ariad. She designed layouts in a component based fashion. This allowed me to begin by creating style sheets for common elements which could be re-used during the build of the website. Since we used a lot of iconography throughout, we developed a sprite sheet that would allow me to call up one of the 50+ icons in their respective colour where we saw fit.
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This an image of the website home page layout.

Cambridge FX

Cambridge FX is an international brand which specializes in financial services. Their website was built with a strong foundation by my very talented co-worker. I stepped in and helped finish up and finesse the build. This website is built using a modular approach which allowed us to quickly configure each page.
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This an image of the website home page layout.

The Body Shop

Over the course of a year I developed upwards of 20+ landing pages which feature The Body Shop's multiple product lines. Each landing page designed by Ariad's creative studio had a unique look and feel. I developed a template in which I could jump start the process of building and began to create components which I was able to re‑use.
Unfortunately these URL's are no longer active

This an image of a product landing page.